I'm new to Visual Studio .NET. I thought C#.NET replaces VC++ 6.0 until I saw that C++.NET was still around. So, what's the difference between the two? I want to create a GUI that uses some C++ header/source files and a C++ socket library. Which would I use? I have VB 6.0 experience but very minimal VC++ 6.0 experience. Thanks.

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Do you know which (C#.NET or C++.NET) would be able to integrate C++ 6.0 header/source files without any changes?

No, I don't.

c++.net should be able to use all the headers of vc++..

C++ is a programming language
C# is another programming language

Thus, C++ .Net is the replacement for VC++ 6.0
C# .NET is just a new platform, so It has nothing to do with VC++ 6.0

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