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I'm developing this system for a cybercafe that will be used for costing and stuff. I've got it all figured out only that I'm not used to client-server architectures- okay I've read about it but I've never applied it. The system is in vb6. could please help me out on how the server should share the program with the clients and how it should manage the clients.


You've asked a question that covers a broad area and without further clarification, we would only be taking shots in the dark. So please, describe your system in more detail as in is it a client server database program or is it a client server chat program ... etc...

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the system is much of a client server database program. The server should be able to to monitor all the clients and therefore we could have a server and a clients' system if possible. these two systems should be able to interact . hope this will be more clarifying

Well there are several ways in which two programs on different machines can communicate.... There is DCOM, MSMQ, a modified chat program, and a few more ways that can be found with a little research but those three should keep you busy for a few days...

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Hello... i have created this thing... but the code was lost.. hehe...

You can Try This thing that i did to make a cyber cafe software:

Just visuallize it... hehe..

You will need:
Use Winsock on Client and in your Server Form.
Separate database for your client - Client Transaction (Time in / Status / Time out)
Main database for your server - (Client Information / Time In / Status / Time Out / Payment Transactions)

Things To do: SERVER:
Winsock must start listening on a specific port. (Port to listen must be same with the client)

Thigs to Do: CLIENT
Winsock connect to the Address and port of the server

Once connected:
Client Sends information (Time in / Status / etc..)  to the Server using winsock (You can use this in a timer so everytime it ticks,  it will send information to the server)

The server will parse the message it recieve...

i did it this way and it works...

Winsock will solve your problem for this kind of software you will make...

I hope this will help you...

Hi Sarama2030,
As pointed out by jhai_salvador, using Winsock will solve your problem. If you don't have winsock component you can download from Google using MSWINSCK.OCX as keyword. I have developed many server-client based programs using Winsock and i really think that is the best for such program.