ello all. I am fairly new to progamming. I have a free C++ compiler(DEV-C++) and i was wondering if this is ok or should i actually buy a better C++ builder. I'm postive everyone will probably tell me 1 of 2 things.
1) Stick with DEV-C++ and come back when you've got more experience, or,
2) Go ahead and buy an actual builder.
ok so heres the question: What should i get? I know even in the long run i WILL buy a better C++ builder but what should i get. it seems some of my best options are Borland C++ Builder or Microsoft Visual C++. which should i get or should i get something else completly? i expect to stick to programming and hope to go to a programming(preferably game programming) college(full sail is the closest thing to me(its in florida) and it looks good but ill need more experience with programming) so what would all you "experts" out there recommend for me. i have a little experience but not a ton. thx

Your options are NOT either Dev-C++ or BUY a commercial compiler. There are several very good free compilers. Both Code::Blocks and VC++ 2008 Express are free. Dev-C++ is no longer recommended because it's pretty much dead and is installed with an old version of the MinGW compiler.

If you are just starting to learn programming then spending your money on a commercial compiler is a waste of your $$$. If you have that much $$ to throw around then you can throw some in my PayPal account :)

commented: Good advice, but I also have paypal :) +12