Hello, I wanna create a string witch gets the value of a textbox. How can I make it ? THX for your replays :D

what operating system, what gui, what compiler ??? We need a whole lot more information that what you have provided.

I'm not in the mood for playing guessing games today, so I'll pass on this one.

Where is the textbox?
Is it a listbox, combobox or an edit control?
Using wxwidgets, mfc, atl, winapi or what?

The guessing game continues..

All you need is a system string, not a string. This procedure copies text from textBox to string and viceversa.

private: System::Void button1_Click(System::Object^  sender, System::EventArgs^  e) {
             String ^ strTextBoxContent;
             strTextBoxContent = textBox1->Text;


Taste of wxWidgets

wxTextCtrl* texfromuser = new wxTextCtrl(this, wxID_ANY);
wxString testText = textfromuser->GetValue();
wxMessageBox(testText, wxT("User Text"));

Winapi, if there is a window (hwnd) that has a child Edit control with ID 1:

HWND hwnd_edit = GetDlgItem(hwnd, 1);
size_t len = GetWindowTextLength(hwnd_edit);
  char *buffer = new char[len+2];
  GetWindowText(hwnd_edit, buffer, len+1);
  buffer[len+1] = '\0';
  //And if it must be a string:
  std::string YourString(buffer);
  delete[] buffer;

Thanck u so mutch !!! it work :D THX THX THX :D