i m a working on php but now i want develop softaware using new vb.net and also want to add left panel bar so user can select page link from left bar and it dispaly on right bar
left bar is fixed when any page open at right site

so hows possible any idea.
vb.net have any control in toolbox

Thanks in advance

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i have a limited understanding, of what you are asking, is it the same as in html where you can select something in the left frame and it will display in the main frame?

If so it should be relatively easy. You will just need to specify what you want to display and where you want to display it.
I know that may sound like a load of.... but it should really be that simple. If you could either email me with more details, or to reply to this reply on your post, I would be more than happy to try to assist you in your project:)


thank you very much

yes i want this like in html as a frame.
but here open vbpage in the right site of mdiparent form
sorry for my inconvenience thread.

so how's is possible in vb
i all ready see this in vb.net software then after i want to add this in my project


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