I have created the append query in access and have my new data to append to the access table. I have 1500 rows but every time I go to append, it says its about to append 4881 rows. I have deleted the rows several times but it still keeps appending 4881 rows.

Could someone help? What could be the issue?

Well without seeing the insert into query or the structure of your tables it is kind of hard to tell and we would only be taking shots in the dark...

So now, what you are saying is that you know for sure that there are 19 rows not getting inserted... are you sure? Do a select count on the origin table to make sure because if you are just using the autonumber for your count, you may be wrong. Also, do you have a where clause?

Good Luck

Hi, sorry, I didn't explain very well.
I have my data in excel and I need to append the new data to access. The append query was working fine until recently. I have 1500 rows in excel to append, but when I run the query, it says I am appending 4881 rows - so there are over 3000 rows that are mysteriously getting appended.

Well, maybe you did but with my age and the memory faults I get... :)

Once again, without seeing your code it is hard to tell...

Good Luck