I have a Computer Science degree (long2 time ago) .. I do know Java OOP but i am now trying to pick up C++. I do have C and of course data structure using C or pascal. I have started reading Bjarne Stroustrup book (The C++ Programming Language - Special Edition) but find it extremely difficult esp. some section which i don't have exposure such as Recursive Descent Parser (chapter 6). In terms of the language i don't foresee i have problem but i have problem as mentioned cos' those topic are usually covered in a Master Degree program such as construction of compiler. I just bought a book called C++ primer (Stanley Lipmann) which i heard it is a very good book for C++. Only setback is it's of course no match with the amount of information from the original C++ creator.
Please advice.

You already have two very good books. Try reading the C++ primer for an introduction to the language, and don't be fooled that it doesn't cover what the C++ programming language covers as it will cover all language features. Then when more comfortable with the language use the cpppl for an indepth reference. I can say that lack of knowledge of a recursive descent parser is no barrier to the reader here. It is just an example. Use it as an excuse to read up on them!

Strangely enough I have jsut re-read that section and compiled and run that code and puzzled over it too. Just going to spend a bit of time fiddling till I understand it.

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