i am trying to create a program that will enable me play the hangman game and I am not meant to use arrays. What should I do and how do I go about this. you get 5 tries and when your tries are all used you lose and then a prompt comes up asking if u want to replay Y or N (its interactive). hoping i was clear enough

I imagine you are trying to get someone to help suggest a solution that does not involve arrays....then use Strings, one string contains the actual phrase or word being guessed and another string representing what the user sees (probably initialized to underscores for each letter not yet guessed). There are string methods you can use to determine the location of a character in a string and then display or show in the second at the matching locatio. You may also want to keep a third string to collect all the letters the user has guessed. Think about it and check out the string method.

I hope this helps get you over the hump!