write a python program , which takes one argument ,which is a word( as a string), and returns "true" if the word contains alternating vowels and consonants(i.e a consonant , followed by a vowel , followed by a consonant ....). Then write a short piece of code to read the above file and print out all such words. For example, it should print out words like "banana", "lever"
Note: you can use any file say /usr/dict/words

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it took me a lil bit to make this code:

global Var2
def func1(OneArg):
for x in OneArg:
if x[0:0] in Con:
return None
def func2(SecArg):
for z in SecArg:
if z[0:0] in Vowel:
return None

I believe it works i havent been able to test it except on ideone.com and I cant get it to print out for some reason but it runs smoothly with no bugs ...

anyways I see all my time went out of the window cause it wont even post with indents...

Please use code tags with your code to preserve the indentations. Otherwise the code is very difficult to read and not too many folks will help.

your Python code here


Also, most programmers use 4 spaces (no tabs) as indentation. Many of the Python IDEs will do that automatically.

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