I am in the 11th grade and I have started with one of my colleagues to work on a file compression program based on Huffman coding. I have previously worked with python (a program that handles some .xls files) but this project is more complicated so I shall need some advice from you.
Firstly, I want find a good solid tutorial that treats the major aspects as clearly as possible. (From basics to OOP and GUI).
Secondly, I want to know which way is the most advantageous to deal with the GUI part.
Thirdly, any suggestions are welcomed! :icon_cheesygrin:


Um, the best tutorial that I know of is the one that is included with Python itself, also available at their website. Other than that, just look up the manual for any module you use.

GUI-wise, I'd have to go with wxPython, it's very simple and easy to use. I have been using it for about 2 weeks now, no problems with it. I've attemped Tkinter, PyGt, and a few others, but I find wxPython to be the best.

Good luck with your project my friend :D

Good luck!

OOP to GUI is a very broad range of topics.

For OOP, I guess you can learn it from a tutorial, but practicing by writing code really helps to make you a better programmer.
For GUI, just find a good toolkit, i.e. wxPython would be a good one.
Just depends on what you prefer.
I use IronPython with WPF or WinForms for my GUI creations, but that's just what I am comfortable with.
Other people may like PyQt, or pyGTK.

Good luck on your project :).