arunbg Newbie Poster

I am working on a project in text mining using Python. As part of the project I need to use a technical term extractor, and I found the Termine system from NACTEM very useful. I have used the web demo (it's pretty nifty) and now want to integrate it in my project. The service provides a SOAP interface, which I am trying to use in Python with the ZSI 2.0 module (I have never used it before). The sample client scripts and instructions for Python are provided here

Here's what I did. I installed ZSI 2.0 and its dependency PyXml. Then as given in the instructions, I generated wrappers for the service (2 python files). However when I try to run the sample script, I get errors (something about no attribute 'typecode').

If anybody knows how exactly to get this thing working, please help.

Thank you