I've just recently found out about Python scripting and I am
interested in programming an auto login script.

However, when looking around, I haven't found any Python web
scripting tutorials or guides.

If someone could either explain to me how it works, or point me
towards a good tutorial or guide on web scripting I would be very

(P.S. By 'web scripting' I am not talking about server side. I don't
want to know about how to handle user input from a forum. Just how
to accesses the web from Python. Thanks!)

Thanks in advance!

- WolfShield

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The first think you need to do is connect to the server and figure out what to do next. Beautiful Soup helps with the second part. Urllib and urllib2 help with the first part.

A quick web search came up with twill as a source of inspiration for how to put it all together

Thank you, I'll look into those.

- WolfShield

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