im looking for a python mud game example which i could see the coding and make my own mud, the thing is that im very new to mud if i was able to see an example of a game working then i would be able to understand what coding classes etc... are used.
even if anyone knows any totorials plz let me know.


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Mud as in MultiUser Dungeon?

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haha, it's quite a coincident. I'm actually developing a text adventure game engine.

This is what I got when I searched:

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Mud as in MultiUser Dungeon?

yes in python no other programming language

i want to learn how to make mud for improving my game code skill, so if you get any interest game, plz let me know, thx a lot

and i can give a hand if you need

Start with the basics, because muds get very complicated.
You can't expect to make one without a lot of experience it a broad range of coding topics.

I already post this elsewhere, I have coded (and still coding) a skeleton for the different classes and functions.

It is based off this extremely simpliefied version of it.

If you want to help, send me a PM and we can talk about it.

end = False

class Room(object):
    def __init__(self, name, description, north=None, east=None, south=None, west=None, up=None, down=None): = name
        self.description = description
        self.north = north
        self.east = east
        self.south = south
        self.west = west

    def __str__(self):
        return self.description

class Player(object):
    def __init__(self, name, currentRoom=None): = name
        self.currentRoom = currentRoom

    def go(self, direction):
        direction = direction.lower()
        directiontxt = "self.currentRoom."+direction
            if eval(directiontxt) == None:
                print "You cannot go " + direction + "."
                self.currentRoom = eval(directiontxt)
                print self.currentRoom
        except AttributeError:
            print "The direction you are going does not exist. Try harder next time!"

class Game(object):
    def __init__(self, name, player): = name
        self.player = player
        print player.currentRoom
        while end == False:
            cmd = raw_input(">> ")

    def process(self, cmd):
        global end
        cmdlist = cmd.split()
        if len(cmdlist) == 1:
            cmdtxt = "self.player." + cmdlist[0] + "()"
        elif len(cmdlist) == 2:
            cmdtxt = "self.player." + cmdlist[0] + "('" + cmdlist[1] + "')"
            print "You can only have a maximum 2 words for your command. Type 'help' for detail."

def main():    
    # This is a map of the proof of concept.
    # +-----+-----+-----+
    # |     |     |     |
    # |room1|room2|room3|
    # |     |    |     |
    # +-----+-----+-----+
    # |     |     |     |
    # |room4|room5|room6|
    # |     |     |     |
    # +-----+-----+-----+
    # |     |     |     |
    # |room7|room8|room9|
    # |     |     |     |
    # +-----+-----+-----+
    room1 = Room(name="room1", description="You're in room1")
    room2 = Room(name="room2", description="You're in room2")
    room3 = Room(name="room3", description="You're in room3")
    room4 = Room(name="room4", description="You're in room4")
    room5 = Room(name="room5", description="You're in room5")
    room6 = Room(name="room6", description="You're in room6")
    room7 = Room(name="room8", description="You're in room7")
    room8 = Room(name="room7", description="You're in room8")
    room9 = Room(name="room9", description="You're in room9")
    room10 = Room(name="room10", description="You're in room10")

    room1.south = room4
    room1.east = room2

    room2.south = room5
    room2.west = room1
    room2.east = room3

    room3.south = room6
    room3.west = room2

    room4.north = room1
    room4.east = room5
    room4.south = room7

    room5.north = room2
    room5.east = room6
    room5.south = room8
    room5.west = room4
    room5.down = room10

    room6.north = room3
    room6.south = room9
    room6.west = room5

    room7.north = room4
    room7.east = room8

    room8.north = room5
    room8.east = room9
    room8.west = room7

    room10.up = room5
    room9.north = room6
    room9.west = room8
    adventurer=Player(name="Adventurer", currentRoom=room5)
    game = Game(name="Proof of Concept", player=adventurer)

if __name__ == "__main__":
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