Hi DW(DaniWeb) - I hope that's the correct term, since I'm a total Python/DaniWeb noob. I think Python doesn't have a RE(Runtime Environment), but Python has the option for one. http://www.python.org/download/. So, basically what I want to know is, do you have to have a RE(Runtime Environment) or anything like a RE(Runtime Environment) for developing Web Application's especially, or just executable application's. Thanks so much, sorry I'm a noob.

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I do not know exactly what you are after but on the page link of which you posted there is link list of available third party modules, which are comonly used fot web development like Django, TurboGears, CherryPy etc. If you want to do one simple cgi script, you can manage with standard libraries, even there is simple server for http and cgi in standard library. it makes no sence to reinvent the wheel for bigger tasks.

Voidz, if what you're referring to is an IDE(Integrated Development Enviorment) (e.g. Eclipse, Visual Studio, NetBeans etc..) then no you do not need an IDE to begin programming in python. Python comes with everything it needs to run "right out of the box" when you download it from Python.org.

If you're in Windows just open up the program "IDLE" that came with python, you can use this for all your basic python needs.

What do you mean by a python runtime environment, i use the IDLE, please expatiate.

No, sorry lol. I'm trying to say basically, if someone like let's say I write some Python, then I send it to another Windows computer. This computer doesn't have anything about Python installed. Will it run? For example. If I make a C# program, and I send it to someone who doesn't have .NET Framework. It will not run. Does Python have anything like this?

For stand alone application there are py2exe,cx_Freeze,PyInstaller.
Gui2exe is good with a Gui interface for all this installer.
And finish it with a good installer like inno-setup

You also have Portable python than can run python code without python installed.
And as we know all linux distros and mac version comes with python pre-installed.

Yeah, snippsat is right, i use portable python v1.1py3.0.1, and i can work anywhere i find myself, you should try out that link snippsat posted.

I believe you are thinking on the Java Runtime Environment, and that's why you ask about a Python Runtime Environment.

If my observations are correct (I'm also a noob) the JRE is an interpreter that runs the Java code.

Now, since Python is also an interpreted language it also requires an interpreter (a software that has been installed on the machine and has the ability to run python code). So you definitively need the interpreter before you can run any code.

So the user's machine has to have the interpreter somewhere (installed, portable, etc.) before it can run anything.

If you do not package the interpreter together with py2exe or similar of course it will not run.

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