Hello all!

I'm fairly new to programming (and have VERY little experience with JAVA) so please be gentle. :-)

I'm looking at a piece of software created with Java and accessible via a https webpage, hosted locally. I login and there are several pictures on the site. I'm trying to find the source and change the picture, (right-clicking and selecting 'Properties' states the image is in, for example, -, but when I look in the stated directory there is no file. Also, I can go to the 'hello' directory and there is no 'pages' directory. In fact, I'm looking on my entire box and there is no 'picture.png' !?.

I've tried looking at several .java files and am unable to make sense of what is happening. Could someone explain what might be going on and/or how I might be able to locate where these pictures are being called from in the code!? Is this a result of compiling!?

Thank you!!

There's a mapping that maps that url to something else, maybe a servlet that generates the image.