I am using RDLC in .Net framework for my reports. I have a field StartDate and it can be null in the database.I want to show the date as 02/12/2010 .
My code is,
=Format (Fields!StartDate.Value,"dd/MM/yyyy")
But in the report it shows "dd/MM/yyyy".

When there is no formatting i.e when the code is,
the date is shown correctly.
Can anyone help me to sort this out?
thnx in advance

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>RDLC in .NET frmaework Date formatting

=iif(IsNothing(Fields!StartDate.Value),"02/12/2010", Format(Fields!StartDate.Value,"dd-MMM-yyyy") )

Thnx for replying.I found the error.In the dataset i have given type as string for StartDate.

if you want date format dd-mm-yyyy, you can use Replace function like that Replace(Fields!date,"/","-") this is work for me :)

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