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You can get a ton more projects by changing the 'spring07' to variations of spring and fall. Example: spring08, fall06, etc. The course has recently switched to teaching Python so anything past 08-09 won't give you any C projects. The C projects are in a reasonable order, so if you start with the first project and work your way up, you'll learn a lot. If you start with a project in the middle or at the end you probably won't be able to do it as they gradually introduce new topics such as pointers and memory management. The resources on that link under 'lectures' introduce all of the topics you need to know in order to complete the projects, and you can supplement them by using google.


friend which website is it that i can go to for that work. i think i really need it to develop my programming skills in c


friend i'd like to thank you for your effort but the problem is that i want where i can post something that i done using borland c++ because that's what i know

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