peace up on u everyone.. i wanna make a program in c++ include to make more than one matrix and i can make all calculations like + * - / on them like multiply 2 matrices ...........
and i can save the matrix in program and i can Retrieves it at any time
but all of those in Primitive codecs as any one can......

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Hmm sounds like image processing to me.. But anyway i don't think it is very hard to make matrices and multiply them together. You can make two arrays and take the values from users and using a big for loop just multiply the contents. But if you are doing an image processing coursework then i would say OpenCV for C++ or Image Magick++ are best tools for it.


hey guys I'm a student in faculty of engineering and i began to take this program 4 weeks ago and i can't do what Dr said to me which i asked you about it i know that I'll do for loop but what I'll write ...understood



I think so.
you want us to write it for you, and you can't be bothered to read the Member Rules. Both are mistakes on your part.

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