My question is that is it possible to have the above two
options in Visual Studio Tools for Office (outlook 2007).

I am trying to build custom toolbar with lots of mail items
for templates or is there a way of building the whole lot in outlook as it is easy to setup(images attached) and then somehow export it as an addin or something else which can be easily distributed to other users.

It is strange that the ability to create these toolbars and commands doesn't exist in visual studio and i don't want to
spend time creating this pro grammatically. Even VS 2010
doesn't have this option or i am looking in the wrong place.

Any help would be highly appreciated.



You can create custom ribbons. They are stored under the Add-Ins tab.

Create a project for Office [office product - Excel, Word, ..] Add-In.

Add a ribbon to the project from the Office group. Use the designer selection.

Add as many groups to the ribbon as will visuall fit. Add buttons, labels, etc to each group. Hook the button click events to do what you want to do in code just like a button event in Winforms or Webforms.

Here is an overview:

Good luck.