i just downloaded a dev c++ compiler...& wrote the basic hello world program...whenever i try to compile ..my quickheal antivirus deletes it as a trojan...please help..i reinstalled it but gives the same result

quickheal is a virtually-unknown AV product. the few reviews i find, complain that it prone to registering false positives. some reviewers have found it makes their computer virtually unusable.

I recommend you remove your crappy AV software and get something with a decent reputation. many people use AVG. I personally don't use any anything.

even after disabling my antivirus.... i am able to compile but not able to see the output at the command prompt....it just says "press any key to continue"...

probably because you didn't include code to keep the window open

printf("Hello World\n");
getchar();  // wait for you to press the Enter key

i believe Dev C++ keeps the command window open after execution. thus the command prompt to "hit any key to continue" which wouldnt be visible if the window had disappeared.

the problem, Prade, is somewhere in your code. either youre not outputting it correctly, or some logic is working different than you intended so the output is skipped altogether.

unfortunately, i'm not a mindreader and i'm not a good guesser.

Guess what? HelloWorld with Code::Blocks and MinGW (Windows 7)also produces a virus warning from Norton Antivisus :icon_eek: Had not noticed that before because I never tried to compile and run it. I'v tried adding a couple more lines and even changing the name of the executable, but it won't run. When run from the command prompt it runs ok. So must be something with the IDE.

[edit]The c++ version of Hello World compiles and runs without a problem. Wonder why the C version doesn't run?

prade@ Create a c++ Hello World with Dev-C++ and see if that runs without error.[/edit]

hmm. norton sucks, too.

but there was a "Hello World" virus a while back, IIRC.

The same C program with vc++ 2008 express does not have that problem. Maybe I'll report it to Symantic.