Define a base class person that will contain universal information, including name, address, birth date, gender and identification (student, worker etc). Derive from this class the following classes:

Write a program that asks user to input information (student, worker etc) and creates a list of persons. Give user choice to view list by gender and by identification( list of people who are students, list of people who are workers etc).

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;
class person {
	string name;
	string address;
	string birth_date;
	string gender;
	string identification;
	person()//class constructor for person
		cout << "Please enter the following information:" << endl;
		cout << "Name: ";
		cin >> name;
		cout << "Address: ";
		cin >> address;
		cout << "Birth date: ";
		cin >> birth_date;
		cout << "Gender: ";
		cin >> gender;
		cout << "Identification: ";
		cin >> identification; 
		cout << endl;
class student:public person {
	string school;
	student()//class constructor for student
		cout << "Please enter the name of the school you attend: ";
		cin >> school;
class worker:public person {
	string job;
	worker()//class constructor for worker
		cout << "Please enter the title of your job: ";
		cin >> job;
class student_worker:public student, public worker  {
int main()
	int x;
	cout << "Please enter the information for a student: " << endl;
	student s1;
	cout << "Please enter the information for a worker: " << endl;
	worker w1;
	cout << "Please enter the information for a student worker: " << endl;
	student_worker sw1;