I am planning on starting a project during summer break. I am going to create a employee clock in system for my work place (and anywhere else that wants it.) I figured it'd be good to get some practical experience before I graduate. The actual structure of the program I am fine on, however, I have no experience with networking (going to store the clock in data on a sever) and little experience with data encryption. Does anyone have any good books or websites to suggest. I plan on doing it with QT on my mac so any windows exclusive networking/encryption will not help me. I want to make the code as non-OS specific as possible. I plan on giving the program to whoever wants it, so I want to avoid redoing code for a linux/windows/mac user.

hellOOooo : can u explain more the idea of the program? because I have some books on Network security using java I don't know id u r intersting on them!!!