I'm doing a program to capture from USB camera. And to do the program, I need directshow which can be found in directX sdk. I read that the new versions of directx are not compatable with VC++ 6.0. Does anybody know where I can get an old version which is compatable with VC++ 6.0?

If lets say it is not possible to get it, does anybody know of another alternative way of capturing image from USB camera, maybe can point me to documents or sample codes for it.


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why don't you use Visual C++ 2008 Express. it's free & it's compatiable with DirectX. You may make a dll with VC++ 2008 & use it in VC++ 6.0!


Oh.. thanks for the idea.. Do you know where I can find tutorial for that..?
I mean how to make a DLL in VC++ 2008 & use it in VC++ 6.0.
Thanks alot..


Do NOT use Visual C-- 6 AT ALL. It's WAY outdated, unsupported, non-standard compliant, etc. etc.
There is NO NEED WHATSOEVER to use it unless you're maintaining a large project created with it years ago that would take a lot of effort to migrate (in which case it's probably best to rewrite the whole thing, only doing critical maintenance on the old version while doing so).


>> Do you know where..
no. but search google, or create a new thread in this forum!
but I think the best tutorials about dlls are a few simple examples!

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