The X424 is a 16-bit machine with a 16-bit address bus. There are 2^16=65536 memory cells, numbered 0 through to 65535. Each memory cell is 16-bits wide. The machine also has 16 registers, numbered 0 through to 15. Each register is 16-bits wide. Register 0 is the stack pointer.
• The virtual machine is started with the command X424 followed by the start up parameters.
• The startup parameters to the virtual machine consists of a path to a file and an address, both passed on the command prompt.
• The text file contains a list of positive 16-bit integers, one integer per line.
• The integers in the text file are loaded into the memory of the virtual machine, consecutively, starting at the specified memory address.
• The stack pointer is initialized to address 65535.
• Execution of the virtual machine then begins at the specified address.

What classes and functions are involved in building this vm in c++? please help...

Why don't you post your initial thoughts (or if you will, "guesses").

Then we can tell you if you're on the right track (or way off base).

Learning how to break down a wordy description into classes is a practised skill - you won't get there by waiting for everyone else to do it for you each time.

Otherwise, it's looking like a homework dump without effort.