I am new to this place and have a lot of questions to discuss with all here. Starting with a problem that i am currently stuck in..:)

I have a small project for which i am using net beans and want to generate the graph as I am having values stored inside an array. I just want a graph at the output of it. So which component should i use or what steps should I follow in order to print graph at the output.

I am using swing. I want to use both pie and bar graph.

The JFreeChart supports bar charts, pie charts, line charts, time series charts, scatter plots, histograms, simple Gantt charts, Pareto charts, bubble plots, dials, thermometers and more. And it’s free you can download it from the sourceforge site at the address:

Or if you wish use the charting classes developed by NetBeans and used by profiler try this address:

Hope this help.

Hey thanks

i have been struggling with the netbeans classes and since i am new so its kinda uphill for me. i will give the jfree chart a try and see if its easier.