i'm doing java exercise, their is 6 question and i had done 5. another 1 i tried all the alternative but still error.
this code:

class __(1)__ {
  static ___(2)___ int MIDTEST = 30;

public static void main(String [ ] args) {
int a=15, b=10, quiz, ___(3)___;
Course ____(4)___ = new Course( );
System.out.println("Quiz Mark : " +quiz);
System.out.print("Assignment mark: " +assignment);
public int calculateMark( __(5)__ )
  return (a + MIDTEST);

public ___(6)___ calculateMark(int a, int b)
  return (a+b);

i had answered :
1. Course
2. final
3. assignment
4. courseWork
6. void

but for no.5 i had try to fill int a, a, quiz, assignment, int quiz, int assignment, int MIDTEST but still can.
anybody can help me ??


What type of variables are the quiz and assignment?

now that i look at it, im thinking no shit lol. But the answer for 5 seems like it should be int a because a doesnt work (sense it doesn't know the variable type) and midset is a static final constant

i had answer it.
no 5. int a.
no 6. int