I am writing here, asking you for a little help. I have assignment in Java for my class in programming. I should create Java Applet and make animation.

The animation should consist of several bouncing figures (balls, triangles, squares etc.) and when clicking on them different events should happen.

One should change color, another change shape and another to disappear or give dialog box message.

Only one of the figures when clicked with the mouse on, should exit the application.

I know it is much to ask but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. :)

Way, way too much to ask IMO.

Personally, I'm content to sit back and watch you fail.

Because the last thing anyone in industry needs is someone sitting beside them with some half-assed qualification obtained by getting others to do the work for them.

So post some actual effort showing what you can actually achieve yourself first.
We can then tailor the advice to match where you're REALLY stuck (as opposed to just being too lazy/busy).