hi, I have a simple monopoly style board game ready (in c++). I would like to ask you how can I add additional features to the game play such as ‘chance’ cards and ‘shake again’ squares. Is it possible to create a GUI interface for this game too? At the moment it runs as a console application. I would be happy someone with more experience will help me.

Yes that can all be done, if you have the time, experience, and talent to do it. A GUI version would require a lot of graphics coding, such as creating the bitmaps with some sort of paint program. I don't do that kind of coding so I have no idea exactly how its done. IMO you might want to join some sort of gaming forum, I'm sure they are out there if you google for them. DaniWeb has a game forum too but I don't know if the members who post thee can help you or not.

Thank you, but I think it is to complicate for me as I am beginner in programming :( I would be really happy if someone could help me how can I add additional features to the game such as "chance" card and "shake again" square.

If you're very into this, I could give you some help over IM to get you started :)

any help would be appreciated :)