maxDays = calendar.getActualMaximum(calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH);

When looking through the javadocs it seems like this would work but it apparently doesn't. Any help on figuring why it doesn't or another way would be appreciated

Calendar myCal = Calendar.getInstance();

That works, I just tested it on my machine. And according to the Javadoc, DATE is a synonym for DAY_OF_MONTH so day of month should work as well. Although it won't mess anything up, you shouldn't use your instance variable (calendar) to refer to a static field (DAY_OF_MONTH). And of course, that method will return the maximum value for the current month (April) so if you are concerned with a different month you'll have to set the Calendar explicitly first.

Well that code (as is) works. But when i set the month, it prints out 31. So im guessing my attempt at setting didnt work

Calendar myCal = Calendar.getInstance();

and the strange thing is when i print out the month using


it prints out 2.
Thanks for helping

Ah, fixed it. Apparently according to my code, jan had28 days and feb had 31 lol. Thanks for the help