I recently just stumbled across a forum where they were talking about WinBinder which is a library letting developers easily create windows applications with php code. I had never even thought about using php as a not strictly web programming language. So then I kept reading about this and googling a whole lot of words and abbreviations and found out that you can also use PHP with GTK+ which is a graphics library written in C.

The GUI GNOME for Linux is apparently coded with GTK+ so there is apparently a lot you can do with it and if PHP can be used together with GTK then you should be able to do almost whatever application you want, right?

Why is there never anyone talking about application programming with php? Is it that ineffective? Can you also do the same with JavaScript?

php is useless, it's in invitation to spaghetti code.
Effectively such code is impossible to maintain, we call it write-only code.

it's bad enough that people use it to create websites, don't make things worse by trying to push it into the application programming domain where it doesn't belong.

You don't try to use a hammer when you require a chainsaw, right?

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