'''check addition'''
from random import randint
def checkAddition( a, b ):
ans = int(raw_input("What is %d + %d ? " % (a,b)))
if ans == a + b:
return True
return False
def main():
x = randint(1,100)
y = randint(1,100)
if checkAddition(x,y):
print "Correct"
print "Incorrect"

This is code that simply checks addition but now I have to embed function in a loop generating 2 random numbers between 1 & 100. counting both total no. of questions & no. of correct responses and also continue loop if you wish or exit if not ..

Any help guys Really appreciated ,,

You should keep one integer trough the main loop that keeps counting till the person quits. and another integer that only adds up if the user gives a correct answer.

    if user wins:

something like that, to see if the player wants to quit you can ask on the end of each addition, raw_input("Do you want to stop(y/n)") You get the point?

BTW: Please use code tags, from now on,it's much easier to read..

Thanks Man , really appreciated !!

Thanks Man , really appreciated !!

You're welcome =)