when you develop a database program, what's your choice and why (may be your choice not in list).
- use dBase table (easy to use but not secure).
- Paradox table (secure table)
- MySQL (good for network but not simple/must install MySQL)

so what's your choice?


I personally use Microsoft SQL(2000, 2005, 2008) because it offers security, multi-user access, it is easy to use(both from T-SQL and its manager). It also has multiple versions you can choose from depending on project's complexity.


is Microsoft SQL(2000, 2005, 2008) a freeware?
i think is not.

thanks 4 info

DBase and Paradox are no longer to be used, heavily outdated, no longer supported or maintained.

Yes, there is a free version with limited functionality of MS SQL Server. Not sure about the license terms, might be restricted to non-commercial use only.

For serious database work, I use Oracle or sometimes Firebird.
For everything else, I use Firebird or sometimes Oracle.

FireBird is my clear choice: You have an "embeded" version that doesn't need to installl nothing, just copy a dll along with your exe and thats all (ofcourse no BDE install or anything, nothing).

Yo can even access a database in read-only mode from your app having all the file in a CD... like a CD catalog, or a product database rightout from the CD, no installation (we use USB disk to distribute our demos with zero installation, you can even copy the folder to your desktop and double click the exe and there you go).

And btw, Paradox is an unsecure as dbase for me.

...and FireBird is real free and open software, multiuser, transactions... all you need is there for free.