i need ur help sir
i m asked to develop a small educational software package using c++
package must be a set of 5 multiple choice questions
answers to which will be
nearly correct
obviously wrong

on completion of the test core must be displayed....
plz help me out

The expected responses are stupid. A question is either correct or wrong. The other two are subjective -- computer programs don't know how to think by themselves, at least not yet. They can't distinguish between correct and nearly correct.

you could define a margin of error within which the answer should be, maybe.
Say the correct answer is 42, but something between 40 and 44 is considered "nearly correct" :)

It's multiple choice AD.

So the question "what is 5 * 5?"
correct = 25
nearly correct = 24
wrong = 17
obviously wrong = "a lemon"

Create a text file in groups of 6 lines:
1: The question
2: The right answer
3 - 6: The 4 putative answers

thanks to all of you i was able to develop the program

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