I was attempting a problem on Project Euler - Problem 20.

Since 100! could not be stored as ulong, I was thinking of using hexadecimal. Though I find a lot of example of converting hexa to decomal and vice - versa, I cannot find any info on using it in calculations. I have the code for the problem ready, but the size of the number is huge.

Please help.

P.S. : I don't want the solution to the problem.

Yes hexadecimal may be the way to go, but consider bignumbers.
C# and .NET don't have them, F# does but perhaps that's another story.
Have a look on this site.
It is about the calculation of pi, but there is and implementation of Bignumbers here in C#.

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Great, thanks a lot. That definitely helped. I'll have to first experiment with those before using them.