i'm having trouble with my factors function. I need to find the factors of all positive numbers in an array and then find their sums. I'm pretty confused at this point. The last thing that I tried was to take each number in array one at a time and find the factors. I'm not getting the correct ouput. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <iomanip>
#include <string>
#include <cmath>

using namespace std;

const int MAX=30;

void get_data(ifstream&,double[],int&);
double smallest(double[],int);
double largest(double[],int);
double average(double[],int);
double variance(double[],double,int);
double deviation(double);
int factors(int,int);
int numbers(double[],int);
void print_results(double,double,double,double,double,int,double[],int);

int main()
    double list[MAX];
    int n;
    int factor,num;
    ifstream in;
    string fname;
    double small,large,ave,var,stddev;
    cout << "Please enter input file name" << endl;
    cin >> fname;
    small = smallest(list,n);
    large = largest(list,n);
    ave = average(list,n);
    var = variance(list,ave,n);
    stddev = deviation(var);
    factor = factors(num,n);
    num = numbers(list,n);

    return 0;

void get_data(ifstream& in,double list[],int& n)
    in >> list[n];
    while (!in.eof())
        in >> list[n];

double smallest(double data[],int n)
    double little = data[0];
    for (int j=1; j<n; j++)
        if (little > data[j])
            little = data[j];
    return little;

double largest(double data[], int n)
    double large = data[0];
    for (int j=1; j<n; j++)
            if (data[j] > large)
                large = data[j];
    return large;

double average(double data[], int n)
    double sum=0.0;
    for (int j=0; j<n; j++)
        sum = sum + data[j];
    return sum/n;

double variance(double data[],double ave,int n)
    double var=0.0;
    double temp=0.0;
    for (int j=0; j<n; j++)
            temp = ave - data[j];
            var = pow(temp,2.0);
    return var/n;

double deviation(double var)
    double stddev=0.0;
    stddev = sqrt(var);
    return stddev;

int numbers(double data[],int n)
    int num;
    for (int j=0; j<n; j++)
        num = static_cast<int>(data[j]);
    return num;

int factors(int num,int n)
    int factor=2;
    for (int j=2; j<n; j++)
            if (num%j == 0)
    return factor;

void print_results(double small,double large,double ave,double var,double stddev,int factor,double list[],int n)
    string filename;
    ofstream out;
    cout << "Please enter name of outuput file" << endl;
    cin >> filename;
    out << fixed << showpoint << setprecision(2);
    out << "Smallest: " << small << endl;
    out << "Largest: " << large << endl;
    out << fixed << showpoint << setprecision(4);
    out << "Average: " << ave << endl;
    out << "Variance: " << var << endl;
    out << "Standard Deviation: " << stddev << endl;
    out << "Factors: " << factor << endl;
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Hi.Hope it helps ..

#include <iostream>
#include <vector>

using namespace std;

void factor (int);

int main (int argc,char* argv[])

void factor (int number)
    int div=2;
    vector<int> factors;

    while (div++ && div<=number)
        if ((number%div)==0)
    copy (factors.begin(),factors.end(),ostream_iterator<int>(cout,"\n"));


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