I'd like to set multiple InputScopes to one text box in a Windows Form with using C#. This application will be used in TabletPC.
I found SetInputScopes API.
But I'm not good at C#, so I don't have any idea how to program it in C#.
Could anyone please answer the following questions?

1. How can I declare it in C#?

HRESULT SetInputScopes(
  __in  HWND hwnd,
  __in  const InputScope *pInputScopes,
  __in  UINT cInputScopes,
  __in  WCHAR **ppszPhraseList,
  __in  UINT cPhrases,
  __in  WCHAR *pszRegExp,
  __in  WCHAR *pszSRGS

In C#, I'm on the way of declaring.
[DllImport ( "Msctf.dll" ) ]

private static extern int SetInputScopes ( IntPtr hWnd, ??   ) ;

What type should be used for
const InputScope *
WCHAR * //(is it String?)
In C#?

2. How can I write "{IS_PHRASELIST, IS_DEFAULT}" in the C# code for it?

SetInputScopes (hwndMe, {IS_PHRASELIST, IS_DEFAULT}, 0, NULL, 2, NULL, NULL)

My development Environment:
• Visual Studio 2010
• Language: C#

I would appreciate your kindly help.
Thanks in advance.

This question was resolved.

If you want to add what you did, it may help other posters in the future. Thank you.

Thanks for your suggestion.
For Q1,
I declared it as follows
static extern int SetInputScopes(IntPtr hwnd, int[] pInputsSopes, uint cInputScopes,
string[] ppszPhraseList, uint cPhrases, string pszRegExp, string pszSRGS);
For Q2, I just set value of IS_** to int[].
Thank you.