I have heard that it is possible to compile python so that people reciving the script don't need to worry about going to the python website and downloading it. One more thing if you tell me to run something from the prompt I can't for the life of me run a python script from the prompt, I've typed in the path and everything but it comes up with bad command or filename.

Help appreciated.

Oh and i have no idea on how to get it to compile or create the setup script or what to put at the beggining of the script.

On Windows run cmd.exe and at the console command prompt type something like:
python mypyfile.py
that should run the file. If Python has been properly installed and registered with the operating system, it should find python.exe.

I really like to run my code from a Python based IDE like IDLE, DrPython, PythonWin or a general editor like ConText. The cmd window is so darn primitive and utterly ugly!

Py2Exe combines your code with a copy of Python and allows you to send it on. It's a bitch to work with. Just a note, Linux computers have Python installed by default. Microsoft might eventually come around with something like IronPython for .NET.

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