I am new to the perl language and had just started reading the book "Perl5 by example" by David Meddinets.However in the very first chapter he says that you need to try out the programs on a perl interpreter.I have w98 and have downloaded the asi version of 5.8.7 from activestate.com and extracted using winzip.I also get the reply at command prompt after typing perl -v.I have made the addition of .pl in openwith command.I get the perl icon when i designate a script as ".pl".But When i try to run the perl script using c:\activeperl\perl\bin\perl.exe myfile.pl (which contains the basic print command),i get an error as " cannot open the perl script:myfile.pl:no such file or directory".Also i cannot run cmd on run of w98.What is the difference between perl script and perl module.Where can i get perl tutorials especially for win 98(I found a hellalot tuts for unix which i donot require).Please help me out.

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I believe the installer.bat file (a perl script) does a lot of file path renaming in various scripts in the perl installation. Using perl without running installer.bat is problematic. You also may need to specify the full path for myfile.pl unless it is in your current directory (while in a DOS command window).


Yes, Using the installer is the best way to go. I've found that the later versions don't seem to require a lot of command line working (in 98) for the install, but that's been my experience.

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