Hi experts,

I have a question on generating a hashtable which contains only unique numbers. Can anyone help me out. My code is here.
I want to check if the key and value are in the hashtable or not. if they are in the hashtable i break to start generate a random row and column and then check whether the pair is in the hashtable or not. I could not figure out how to do. Also i get an error when breaking to the label start. the compiler says undeclared START. Can anyone help me please. I need it urgent.

while(counter != random_Value){
            randomRow = random_element.nextInt(9);
            randomColumn = random_element.nextInt(9);
                mapRowCol.put(randomRow, randomColumn);
                System.out.println("Row, Col: " +mapRowCol.entrySet());
               // break START;
            System.out.println("Counter: "+counter);

Thank you very much. Little help is appreciated !

I don't really know how to elaborate on the compiler's error message. It literally says exactly what the problem is: you're using a variable "START" which was never declared, which is illegal. Either declare it or get rid of it. It looks useless to me; so delete it. And where you have break START; it should say "break;"

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