I have been using a call to SHBrowseForFolder to select a folder where the user can Load or Save files.

We have a request to allow the user to create a new directory to save files.

Is there a call to something similar to SHBrowseForFolder but one that allows a folder to be selected and then create a new folder in that level. The user would then select the new folder as the one to use.

I hope you can help as todate all DaniWeb help has been extremely useful.

Thanking you in advance

John :cool:

Thanks for the replies.

What I was hoping for was an extension to the SHBrowseForFolder where I could create a new folder within the dialog box not create a folder.

What I am trying to do is to allow the user to select a folder (one that might not already exist and so has to be created ) to them dump a whole series of files into.

Unfortunately SHBrowseForFolder doesn't have that capability, you could always write your own using the drive and directory controls.

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