hi everybody,

how to read FileMaker Pro 10 Data from .Net??? and I need ODBC dRIVERS fOR FileMaker Pro 10..... Please help me............. Searching For it THrough out the day.........................


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FileMaker 10 only supports the ODBC driver supplied by Actual Technologies. it is a commercial Product but good value. Hope that is enough to find it - if not I can find and post the link.

please Rjplus post me the link ASAP.......
thanks for ur help in need....

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Sorry I should have added this commercial driver is for for Apple Mac

I believe there are lots of free ones for a PC
On Windows, most ODBC capable applications provide their own ODBC Client Drivers either as part of the install routine, or via their bundled software. Please check with the application provider (Microsoft, Oracle, etc) for these drivers.

free driver - select platform first:

Useful link here http://www.filemaker.co.uk/support/technologies/odbc.html

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