Hey guys and gals,

I just wrapped up my first year of University CS and I feel like tackling my first personal project. My program will need to read in the mp3 title, artist, and album of many mp3 tags. My problem is that in class I only dealt with reading in .txt and .bin. I understand how to navigate and read through the two but mp3's are an unknown territory for me. Any suggestions to get me started? I am planning to do the project in C (if you feel that another language would be better suited for this let me know).

C is fine. and this is not very difficult

you will have to open the file as a binary file.

you need to understand the basics of the MP3 format to know where in the file you will find the "metadata" information such as artist, title, tracks, etc.

This metadata is typically formatted according to the ID3 specification, and appended to the end of the MP3 file. the start of the metadata tag is indicated by the 3-character string "TAG".

first thing you should do is open a small mp3 up in a text editor that you can view hex data and see what you see and compare the data with the MP3 and ID3 file format specifications.


Thanks for the response. I'm quiet confident with binary files so I should be able to handle it then. Thanks for the timely reply.