I know I can accomplish this with Regex, however, being not familiar with RegEX (yet to find a good howto/reference), I was wondering if there's other simple ways to parce XML files, or if there's a tutorial for regex somewhere

For example, I want to get the Hello World! from <test>Hello World!</test> Also, how would I get the attributes from the tags? Like <test name="hello">


lol I also got the exact same thing after a quick google search. Still some questions though, I'm not exactly sure on what the difference between SAX and PyXML is

PyXML or sax should be better than using regex.
Since they are dedicated to parsing XML.

For simple lookup I gave this solution to other thread, of course special modules are maybe more powerful, but take some time to learn.

Any way here it again:

MyStr = "<test>some text here</test> <other> more text </other> <test> even more text</test>"

tlist = []
_,found,t = MyStr.partition('<test>')

while found:
    t,found,more = t.partition('</test>')
    if found:
        tlist.append(t) ## no assignment, just append
        raise ValueError, "Missing end tag: " + t
    _,found,t = more.partition('<test>')
print tlist