hi ...

i want to send mms from pc. and using jmmslib .....but here i have problem in jwap conection with mobile phone .... it timeout error ....

how to make connection using Jwap ....?? what should else i need to get this ....?

what steps should i do ..... please help me ... waiting for the response

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thank GOD ...... i have done it ...... now if any one need help regarding this ..... i will help him/her.... mail me at <<snip>>

n any one from pakistan can call me ..... Inshallah i will help him .....

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Is it possible to dispense with GSM modem
By connecting Mobile with the computer by USB
and What are the actual steps to run this code


Is it possible to send me your codes and steps to run it :icon_question:
and I like very very very thanks
because my project Consists of three parts ,Completed the first two and This part is the last:(:(:(


Hey Ahsan..I have a similar problem whit you. I try to send MMS using jMMSlib, but I got exception in WAPClient. Can you explain to me why "no class found" in JWAP?

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