I use textwrangler for osx right now, but i want to see what other free ide's are out there. Is there one with tabs for classes and object to be separated?

Pyscripter is the one I use. Its pretty awesome

Aww no mac version though...


Pyscripter as postet over is good,but work only for windows.
Spe is good editor,work linux,mac osx.

Pydev for Eclipse are the many that like.

I use komodo ide and pyscripter windows.
Komodo ide and spe linux.

I fast way to test out editor is portablepython comes with pyscripter and spe.
Just unpack to hdd and all work,has a lot 3 party module installed to,wxpyhon,pygame......

There are some huge IDEs like Eclipse with pydev, or Netbeans for Python. They however are very sluggish and force you to create a project for even the smallest test file. Eric isn't quite as sluggish.

I like the fast and nimble IDEs like PyScripter (Windows only), DrPython (only for Python2 right now), SPE (Python2 only at this point), Editra (does not handle console input well, but allows you to test drive different versions of Python quickly), and even the traditional IDLE.

For small test file I just use IDLE. Anything over 1 file I will use PyScripter

What if i wanted to use xcode with python? Can I?
would i also be able to use interface builder for gui's?

My favourites for Python are Eclipse and Netbeans with the python plugin and Eric IDE.