can anyone write the code for the following algorithm.
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Object list = [1,2,3...n], where
n- number of tuples/records
m- number of attributes
Phase I
The steps involved in this phase are detailed
Step 1: Construct a dissimilarity matrix ‘d’
using the measurement in definition2.
Step 2. Compute the threshold value, minimum
dissimilarity of each object,
Step 3. Construct a neighbour matrix ‘neigh’.
Step 4. Select the first member of an object list,
form a new cluster with this object as a member.
Group the neighbors of object based on the criteria
given in definition 5. Remove the clustered objects
from the object list.
Step 5. Repeat the above step until the object list
becomes empty.
Phase II
The steps involved in merging of clusters are
detailed below:
Step 1: Select the cluster with least number of
Step 2. The objects in the selected cluster are
relocated based on the Cluster Merging Criteria.
(Definition 6.)
Step 3. The above steps are repeated until no
more merging is possible.
Phase III
Compute the mode of each column or attribute of
all objects in each cluster. If the number of cluster
produced in Phase II is ‘K1’, then this phase results in
‘K1’ tuples. Consider this as a dataset with “K1”
tuples with ‘m’ attributes and repeat Phase I and
Phase II.

We aren't going to do your homework for you. And really, if you can't even do your computer science homework without copying someone else, you don't belong in the industry. Do this field a favor and switch majors, unless you're ready to pull your weight.

Even if we wanted to give hints in order to get you started, the description you posted is impossible you understand:

Construct a dissimilarity matrix ‘d’
using the measurement in definition2.

What is this suppose to mean?! Don't assume that we are in your class and know what you are talking about.

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