hi all community people
iam an IT student .i have a 2 months free time.i want to do a miny project in java,i have knowledge in java(j2se),swings,jscript.
if any one have mini java project ideas then send to me.iam waiting for good suggestions.pls reply me as soon as possible.

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i need more ideas for developing project in java

i saw the existing ideas but they are not interesting

i dont want to develop a chat room,games...
i want to develop a project which is usefull for the people


If I have to develop a project I'd rather like it to be some topic I am fantastically interested in, so I'd rather suggest you dig deep into your mind to find concepts/ideas that you really find your natural interest in and I am sure you wont have to dig too deep, the ideas would soon start flowing.

If you aren't able to draw ideas of your own, I suggest to roam the net finding about about enough topics from which you can find one to interest you.

To list out a few of my favourites, I am interested in Data structures and Algorithms so Trees, Hash tables, etc find my interest always. To make a project involving one of this, I would very much like to make a Constant Database in Java, or a Tree based Search algorithm, or a Compression algorithm in Java etc.

To find out what a constant db is consider google your friend. ;-)

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Well said

hi ,i want some advanced java mini project topics

sourceforge.net is where you should already look into, instead of bumping old and fruitless thread

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Fruit from the fruitless - green of course ;)
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