hi all community people
iam an IT student .i have a 2 months free time.i want to do a miny project in java,i have knowledge in java(j2se),swings,jscript.
if any one have mini java project ideas then send to me.iam waiting for good suggestions.pls reply me as soon as possible.

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i need more ideas for developing project in java

i saw the existing ideas but they are not interesting

i dont want to develop a chat room,games...
i want to develop a project which is usefull for the people

then go for web applications

Create decompiler for c++ :)

If I have to develop a project I'd rather like it to be some topic I am fantastically interested in, so I'd rather suggest you dig deep into your mind to find concepts/ideas that you really find your natural interest in and I am sure you wont have to dig too deep, the ideas would soon start flowing.

If you aren't able to draw ideas of your own, I suggest to roam the net finding about about enough topics from which you can find one to interest you.

To list out a few of my favourites, I am interested in Data structures and Algorithms so Trees, Hash tables, etc find my interest always. To make a project involving one of this, I would very much like to make a Constant Database in Java, or a Tree based Search algorithm, or a Compression algorithm in Java etc.

To find out what a constant db is consider google your friend. ;-)

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hi ,i want some advanced java mini project topics

hi ,i want some advanced java mini project topics

sourceforge.net is where you should already look into, instead of bumping old and fruitless thread

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