I have a MS Access file with the name "ItemsCat.mde.
It is located at "c:\program files\ItemsCat" folder
I need a C or C++ program (what ever it is) I don’t now the difference.
I need it to do the following please?
No#1- run my ItemsCat.mde file from this path "c:\program files\ItemsCat\ ItemsCat.mde"
No#2- I need this C program with special Icon, should I provide you the Icon?
Or it's enough to place my icon at may program path and name it "ItemsCat.ico"?
No#3- i need this C program to be exe file(compiled)
Help me please

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You dont need hep ... You need the program ....

Spend a year or two learning C and/or C++ and you will be able to write that program yourself. Otherwise, deposite $10,000USD in my PayPal account and I'll write it for you -- someday.

The program specs you posted do not say what you want the C program to do -- only what MS-Access file to use. What exactly is it the program is supposed to do with that file ?

Maybe when you know the reason , you will excuse me
I need to make an auto run CD with my access mde file.
And the auto run need EXE file to do so
That’s why I need to do it indirect .
Maybe I am in the wrong forum?
I guess it's to solve some C problems, and support helping people needs C help eather?
If not, I hope the moderator kick me out.
Thanks to every body in advance.

Are you aware of (all) the autorun.inf entries and what you can do with them. I'm not 100% sure, but I think you might very well do without any extra compiled executable on the CD.

If you still think you need this executable, what exactly would this executable do? Ancient Dragon already asked this, but you did not actually answer the question.

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