I just changed this in main:

oldestStudent.updateOldestBirthdate(student, oldestStudent);

You must review ths checkOldestBirthdate function because it retutned true if the stu.birthdateYear<oldestStu.birthdateYear

and the updateOldestBirthdate is called in consequance. I'm not sure if is that semantec is correct.


um but isn't that how its suppose to be because like for example:

IF 1990 (stu.birthdateYear) < 1999 (oldestStu.birthhdateYear)
oldestStudentbirthdate = true [meaning update]

this means if the student birth date year is less than the oldest students birth date year then the current student is older b/c they were born in an earlier year therefore the oldest studen object should be updated with the current student's birth date, right?


Profile student = new Profile();

Profile base = new Profile("02", "29");

Profile oldestStudent = new Profile("1999", "12", "31");

according to these , you have have 3 constructor in ur Profile class

public Profile(){...}
public Profile(String month, String day){...}
public Profile(String year, String month, String day){...}

i wonder if you want the dates in String or int =.="

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