I am sitting with a situation that I have to combined (3 years) for 26 site of 29000 database files where there is 1 table in each data base called RECDATA, I need to combined all that data
Into one database file called RECDATA

For example there is a database called DB1 with a REDATA table inside it, and then DB2 with a RECDATA table inside it, DB3 with a RECDATA table inside it est.
So I need to put all the Recdata into 1 Database file, or to copy all the RECDATA from all the database file’s to 1 RECDATA they all have the same columns
All I need is to get all that data into 1 RECDATA table.

The program where this database comes from is a voicerecording system creating a new database every day.
There is 1 database just for indexing (to view the recordings) and then the daily database is where the recording lies in, that Colum is called RECFILE.
I will give you a example of the 2 database, I would really appreciate it if you can help me on this one or if you know of somebody that can help me, I have tried everything but a lot of them can only do
1 at a time.